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There are things you need on every vacation: tooth brush, clothes, change of underwear, a towel, and of course a booked appointment with your favorite Las Vegas escort. Cherry Patch Girls is home to the most stunning girls in Las Vegas. Check out our smoking hot selection. These girls know their way around town and beyond and will be the best dates you have ever had, the way Las Vegas girls should be. If you’ve never been with a Vegas Escort before, don’t worry. Our girls know how to treat a man on their first date and no one will be the wiser…unless you want them to be! Whether you just want the company, or maybe you want to rub it in your friends’ faces that they can not get someone as hot as your date, you can rest assured that your Vegas escort will play her part all night long.

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Every site claims to have the best of the best in terms of girls, but we are the real deal. Our escorts are all stunning, they either work at Las Vegas strip clubs or they're college girls earning some money for school to gorgeous aspiring models and actresses and even young professional women. No matter the background you can bet our girls are the best. Why? Instead of seeing hundreds of customers ever month they keep their numbers low; this allows them to give prime service to the customers they do see. They can focus on what the client wants, make your date everything you hoped it would be, and not worry about the next affair. They can focus on YOU, the way it should be. Most agencies over work their girls and as a result their dates are lack luster, no matter how great the girl is. Not here! We make sure our girls are happy and able to serve you with the best of their abilities, guaranteed! By the way, if you're on your way to Boston and want an excellent sexy in room massage right in your hotel room, be sure to call. My friends can rweally help you out!

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Whether you are looking for a house call or a night on the town, your date will cater to your specific needs. Our ladies love to stay in, order room service and have epic pillow fights, but they also love hitting the casino floor as your sultry eye candy. Looking for an outdoor adventure? Our girls love to go on hikes, boat rides, some even love to take helicopter tours! They can show you the adventurous side of Vegas because they know the town like the backs of their hands and they want to share every second with you! Want to go out with two girls instead of one? Just ask! Our girls love to double date and would gladly take you out and share you; or keep you in! Remember the epic pillow fights? Imagine two lovely ladies playing! Now that would be a night! Do you happen to be looking for a great Las Vegas massage? Perhaps maybe you would like to try a Nuru or Tantric massage?

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Ladies, if you want to have your turn with an escort there is no reason not to! Our ladies swing both ways and know how to please both male and female customers. Some of our girls’ very best dates have been with other women, especially when it comes to giving and receiving amazing massages. And couples? You can take a lovely Escort girl out too! Our girls know how to share with each other and they know how to be shared, so if you are looking to add some spice to your date night a Vegas escort would be the perfect place to start. There are no messy ties to break once you are finished, just pack up your bags and leave with the wonderful memories now shared between you and your loved one! Who knows, the girl you pick may become your permanent go to escort for you AND your spouse every time you are in Vegas!

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